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Ever since I was a little girl my passion has been to travel. I dreamt that I would travel the world, witness different cultures, taste exotic foods, and completely immerse myself in my surroundings. As a young woman, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience many journeys, and to realize some (but not all) of my childhood travel dreams. I began to notice that the architecture which so completely captivated me was something I felt compelled to capture with my camera. When I looked at a stunning work of architecture it was always with a vision of what I could capture through my viewfinder. My love of photography was initially ignited by my travels, and I was thrilled when people actually wanted to display ‘my’ photos in their homes.

Fifteen years later I am married to my wonderful husband Remi. I am now mother to two incredible children who have gifted me with an entirely new insight and passion. Each and every day is a new journey. My love of travel remains, but now my interest is sparked by capturing people.

I am a lifestyle on-location photographer who loves to photograph people in candid moments, in locations they are comfortable with or doing things that they love. I love spontaneous moments between family members, a precious touch between a Mother and baby, bubbling laughter between children or a smile between a couple about to be married. The miraculous and precious process of birth, the moment another human being is brought in to the world is also something I would be truly honoured to photograph.

It would be my privilege to capture and preserve your life moments and journeys.


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