An Urban Family Session – Calgary Family Photography

I was thrilled when Katherine asked me to photograph her and her family. They have a longstanding tradition of documenting their life this way, but this is the first time I had the opportunity to capture them. I know them personally, and got to know them even better at the shoot. Such a lovely family, so full of warmth, so welcoming and also full of humour. I have to admit to being super excited for this shoot because all three are very stylish and I kind of dig editorial type shoots. They’re obviously old hands at this, or it comes very naturally as I didn’t need to pose them at all.

img_2561-copyPin thisThe shoes. As a parent I loved the story about the shoes. They said “can you take a picture of our shoes?” Of course I could. The reason being is that when Deven was a child, his feet were obviously so much smaller and they captured their feet as the years passed. Now, he is a man, and quite obviously his foot growth has surpassed that of his Mom’s. I think to mark the passage of time and growth in this life is a beautiful thing. The point being that they have both grown together, and no matter how much physical growth.. a Mom is always a Mom, and the child is always her baby. And so, for him a new adventure begins, a new and exciting chapter in his life, I wish him the best.

Thank you Katherine, Deven & Geoff for letting me be the ones to grab these moments for you, as you are today.
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  • Suzie - Such a stylish family! Love to see families with older children being photographed…It’s so important. Great work Jennifer!ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer - I do agree, it’s nice to see families of all ages capturing moments like these. Thank you!!! ❤️ReplyCancel

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