Kendra, Kale and Baby – Calgary Maternity Photography

Any day now, this little one will be born. He will be lucky indeed to be born in to the arms of these two, whose love

Sweet Family Mini-Session – Calgary

I really enjoyed photographing this family, they were so lovely and personable. This was a mini-session so it was short

A Christmas Family Mini-Session – Calgary Family Photography

Well, I am full of hyperbole when it comes to this family.. they are just the sweetest, squishiest, most adorable

A Family Mini Session – Calgary Family Photography

This sweet family left for greener pastures and headed East the day after this shoot. I am grateful I got to photograph

A Canmore Wedding – Jennifer Bruce Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful couple in the mountains. M&G have a love that is inspiring and that

Haddie’s Birth-Day – Calgary Birth Photography

August 13, 2015 was one of those dog days of summer where the heat shimmers off the ground; it was the hottest day on